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Professional Automotive Detailing Services


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Services and Prices

Exterior Only99.00*
Interior Only99.00*
Full Vehicle / Both189.00*
Additional Surcharges25.00

Automotive Detailing

If you've made it this far, you've probably realized that our primary purpose is selling vehicles. We are a family owned / operated car lot, who believes in not only servicing every unit we sell, but also making it look as AWESOME as humanly possible. It may not be a new vehicle, but its NEW to YOU! We were continually being asked by our customers if we could make their other vehicles look that good. Well......., with those requests, Coal Auto Spa was born

We decided to pass on our talents, time, equipment and expertise to the public, all the while, making you smile. If you're used to a typical car wash that does a "detail" while you wait, that's not who we are. A Wash-n-Vac, some shiny stuff and an air freshener, isn't an option with us. We only know how to detail two ways; COMPLETELY and CORRECTLY...

Our Detail team consists, once again, of US. Ray and Tammy, the owners, as well as our two oldest sons. We can't do it in an hour or two, but we do it RIGHT..

Learn more at www.COALautoSpa.com

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